The Global Hydromulching Network unites a group of European independent distributors and businesspeople that share a common vision and an aligned strategy. The Network promotes and favours education, and the development and growth of the HYDROMULCHING Industry.


The Global Hydromulching Network in particular gives access to:

  • A large range of Experiences and References to projects and jobsites throughout the whole of Europe and the Middle East
  • Implementation and Application Procedures en documented Solutions
  • Local contacts to Experts everywhere in Europe.
  • Important stocks of HYDROMULCHING Consumables as well as HYDROSEEDERS & HYDROMULCHERS.

Open the Door to a World of Hydromulching and Hydroseeding Applications

 Looking for access to Hydromulching and Hydroseeding technologies? The Global Hydromulching Network offers that thanks to a growing group of Experts in this fascinating field.  The current group consisting of 8 members currently have over 50 years of experience on over 100.000.000 m² of jobsites all over the world.

million square metres

Expert members so far

Years of experience

Sustainable Development in the Eyes of the GHN

The GHN members value local human workforce, local resource, as well as respect for the environment and nature through bio-degradable products, recycling and environmentally  respectful processes.  These are among the building blocks of our Sustainability Charter shared through all GHN members.

Local CAPACITY that enables us to offer Full Range of Hydromulching technologies.


  • Implement or convert existing turf with sustainable vegetation projects
  • Implementation of premium turf
  • Remedy and control erosion
  • Make use of ADC (Alternative Daily Cover) &enter the world of  phyto remediation
  • Use Hydromulching technologies on other kinds of projects

AVAILABILITY of everything needed for your Hydromulching and Hydroseeding projects:


  • A full line of Hydroseeders & Hydromulchers for sales, rent, parts and Assistance
  • A full and specifically developed line of Hydromulching consumables
  • Broad Experience and a stunning number of references that will help specify your solutions
  • Dedicated Training on site of your operating crews that will allow you to  reach your productivity goals


THE GHN members commit to the same vision and working ethics.

We use a ‘no contracting’ approach

We believe in respecting human values

We share the same business strategy and vision

We offer the same standard of assistance and technologies all over the area
We share  the same strategy in developing sustainable hydromulching solutions
We share experiences, know-how, information and stock

GHN Mission statement

Spread the science of Hydromulchingthrough education, the sharing of experiences, and the establishment and promotion of standards of best practice in the industry. We are focused on protecting air and water resources, enhancing habitats and promoting biodiversity. We seek to advance the knowledge and understanding of the important role that Hydromulching has to play in both establishing sustainable vegetation, and as a natural high-performance erosion control and carbon capturing solution.

Green Hydromulching

THE Global Hydromulching Network’s Areas of Expertise

Hydromulching, Hydroseeding and other technologies have no secrets to the members of the Global Hydromulching Network, the members have vast experience in their specialties.  The Expertise ranges from establishing vegetation, controlling erosion an critical areas throughout the globe, confining hazardous substances, reducing impact of landfills and numerous other applications.

Hydroseeding to implement or convert existing turf with sustainable vegetation to reduce maintenance and water management
& embellishment

Hydromulching for  implementation of Premium turf on leisure grounds (ski resorts, Hippodromes) and sports fields (Golf, Soccer fields…)

Hydromulching for remediation and erosion control on large projects (airports, pipeline, mines & quarries, railways, highways etc)  
Hydromulching for greening stabilization systems as alternative to projected concrete, gabions, riprap.
Hydromulching for ADC (Alternative Daily Cover) & Phytoremediation.

Hydromulching for other uses
like vineyards, roof greening, sand stabilization, sedum production.


8 experts joining forces

The current 8 partners of the Global Hydromulching Network have vast experiences in several different applications, various ranges of project sizes, the combination of Hydromulching with other technologies or know how of seeds and vegetation in different climate zones.  Their area of activity spreads from Europe to the Middle East and Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Ocean Islands as well as Central and South America.

EURO-TEC is the European Leader in Hydromulching and Hydroseeding Solutions. EURO-TEC provides equipment, consumables and on-site training and assistance for over 25 years globally.

REJDA in Slovenia are specialized in combining Soil Stabilization solutions with Hydromulching Applications for which they carry a local stock.  They operate mainly in Eastern Europe.

IGG is a leading producer of Coir fibre based products for Erosion Control like netting and blankets, but also manufacture production lines for these products, that are sold all over the world.

HYDRO APP in the UK, specialize in the sale and rental of Hydromulching equipment, on-site assistance, and have a vast experience of Hydromulching applications and products related to installing premium turf.

HYDROFIB is a European manufacturer of proprietary hydro-mulch products, that are manufactured following sustainable development guidelines, and with respect for the Environment.  Most of their products are EcoCert certified.

KARAOGLU is Turkey’s most important Landscaping, Hydromulching and Hydroseeding contractor.  They are specializing in major projects – highways, pipelines, airports, mines… in Turkey and the Middle East.

ECOSALIX in Portugal are specialized in combining Bio-Engineering Solutions with Hydromulching Technologies. They operate in mainland Portugal and the Portuguese Islands.

EURO-TEC Turkey produces and offers combined solutions with the correct use of landscape and environmental technologies in the fields of turf establishment and erosion control, and supplies products for these solutions.


The Global Hydromulching Network join forces in R&D activities, to develop, produce  and market new and innovative integrated solutions.  The Network also owns the following  leading brands :
IGG Speedy Greener logo
Aqualawn logo
easygreen logo


The Hub from where the GHN operates is based near the Airport annex High-Speed Train Station of Lyon (France).  It allows partners quick access to information, stocks, service, spare parts and human resources.  But it also allows are prospective customers to pay us a visit and see what we stand for. Constant availability of machines, products and parts ensures that partners can talk with confidence to their customers about a wide range of potential jobsites and the solutions to them.


Stobovšak 8,
1230 Domžale,

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Global Hydromulching Network HQ

Impasse Vue du Ciel 148 – ZA Grandalisse
69142 Colombier-Saugnieu (Lyon)

Phone: +33 (0)4 37 47 20 20

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Hydro App Systems

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Karaoglu Peyzaj

Umit mah. Greenhouses
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34150 Montpeyroux

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IGG - Internationale Geotextil GmbH

Am Bahnhof 54,
27239 Twistringen

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what our clients say

The Global Hydromulching Network Partners have worked already on a large number of different projects.  Here are some reactions from our Customers.

“We appreciated the training thanks to the time dedicated, the clear explanations given on the way these machines work, the maintenance to be observed and done, but also the guidelines on preparation and application on-site.
The fact that Euro-Tec also went on-site with our two operators has proven extremely useful, and has allowed them to better understand the theoretical part of the training.
The pedagogic support is well structured and helps to easily remember the basic principles of the application as well as organizational aspects before and after.
Myself, I really appreciate the fact that you have been with us on the jobsite”

Nicolas Prettre

Owner, Nicolas Prettre Espaces Verts

“With over 20 years of experience in the green industry, we know what is important when choosing a business partner. You don’t just buy a product, you buy the know-how and the team.
At Euro-Tec, we felt we were in good hands right from the start, which is why we chose a partner outside of our country.
As a provider of complex greening solutions in extreme environments, we depend on both top products and the experience of practitioners in real time – even if we are facing problems right at the job site. EuroTec can offer us both and so a customer relationship turned into a professional friendship, for which we are grateful every day !”

Kai Bätge

Owner, Süd Rasen - Germany

“As ‘Alpes Azur Environnement’ we have been closely working together with Euro-Tec for over 25 years now.

We appreciate their development of new applications, technologies and products, their capabilities of giving training – on the field if needed, and their overall reactivity.

We have always found machines, materials and a perfect after sales service, which has allowed us to develop our business in France.”

Franck Girard

Owner, Alpes Azur Environnement


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